Enabling business continuity and new ways of medical consultation

Healthcare firm modernizes and provides better patient care with remote meetings and automated calendar bookings.

JSRC Relationship Consultants

Case Study: Google Workspace for Healthcare

Geek Team helped JSRC implement Google Workspace and Google
Voice at their offices. We integrated Zoom with Google Calendar for
remote patient meetings and automated the booking process with
Calendly, enabling remote work and increasing productivity.


Healthcare – Family Therapy
Collaboration and productivity for remote patient care
Remote meetings, Voice over IP & automated calendar bookings.

Google Workspace for Healthcare medical offices

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It has been a pleasure working with the Geek Team. They continue to monitor and maintain our Google Workspace environment. They have helped me implement solutions that have increased productivity and workflow at our office. The team loves using Google Workspace and Voice; the digital tools offered by Google helped us modernize business operations and provide better patient care at JSRC remotely.

Samantha Lavy, Therapist, JSRC Relationship Consultants.

The challenge

During COVID, meeting with clients in person was not feasible; therapists needed a way to conduct remote meetings with patients. The staff spent valuable time over the phone scheduling and booking appointments. As a result, Sam Lavy at JSRC Relationship Consultants set out to modernize and automate business processes at the office with Google Workspace by integrating it with other digital tools.

The solution

Geek Team made expert recommendations for optimal productivity and integrated Google Voice and Zoom with Google Workspace enabling therapists to work remotely and liaise with patients via a webcam with Zoom. They can make fast Google Voice calls from their cell phone or any browser with just one click on a client’s phone number in Google Contacts, Gmail, or any web page with a phone number link.

The results

The deployment of Google Workspace for collaboration, Zoom for video meetings, and Google Voice for Voice Over IP has improved remote working and made it easier for therapists to meet with patients. With Zoom, therapists no longer worry about missing work or patient appointments due to COVID. Google Voice has enabled them to make and receive calls on one cell phone rather than carry two phones.

Healthcare firm using Google Workspace at work

About JSRC Relationship Consultants

At JSRC Relationship Consultants of Stamford and Westport, CT, therapists provide couples therapy and marriage counseling to families. JSRC partners are trained as Marriage and Family Therapists and, as relationship consultants, they explore the issues that currently exist in people’s lives and how they are impacted by their important relationships.

About the Geek Team


The Geek Team is certified in Google Workspace Administration and Deployment.

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