Managed Services

Remote Monitoring for Mac & PC for Home and Business.

managed technology services

Let our computer geeks manage your Applications, Cloud solutions and Computer systems remotely and help with issues proactively, ensuring better performance. Services are available for home and office.

Geek Team Remote Management
Monthly Service (Mac’s & PCs)

Geek Team ALERT + Geek Team UPDATE

Geek Team Remote Management is a smart service that enables us to better manage your systems and help with issues proactively, ensuring better performance and an efficient way for us to keep your systems secure and up to date while delivering our services.  The service includes Geek Team Alert + Geek Team Update for Residential and Business.

Geek Team Alert is a smart system that detects and notifies us about viruses, malware, Trojans and other issues. Geek Team Alert is available for residential users.

Geek Team Update is a smart system that performs regular maintenance and keeps systems up to date.

Managed Services Plan for Mac & PC
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