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The Geek Team is a Google cloud consulting firm providing IT services, cloud migration, change management training and service level agreements for businesses and individuals.

We offer Google Cloud consulting services with a focus on Google Workspace (formerly GSuite).

Google Cloud Services / Google Cloud Solutions

Google Cloud Services

Advisory Services
Project Management

We take time to understand the challenges that your organization is facing in order to provide the most appropriate cloud solutions for communication and collaboration. Our consultants have broad experience in project management, planning and analysis, implementation, training and support. They will plan the project in detail will ensure a smooth changeover to the new platform.

Cloud Migration

The Geek Team will handle the move from your old system to the new platform. For GSuite rollouts, we will migrate all your data from office 365, Outlook and other legacy systems to Google Workspace. Minimizing disruption and allowing your team to continue working after the changeover is our top priority.

Change Management Training

We will custom tailor a change management plan for your staff taking into account your people, values and company culture. Training will ensure that your team is confident in using the new platform. We also examine the different workflows in your organization and help you discover better ways of working with the new tools. 

Managed Services

We offer service level agreements, for a fixed monthly rate we will monitor and perform system administration and maintenance services on all cloud based solutions that we implement.


We will use different methods to secure your data and keep your firms information safe.


For Google Workspace GSuite projects, we can connect and automate all business processes with Google Apps Script: sales, marketing, billing, stock management, CRM, integration with external APIs.

Google Cloud Solutions

Google Workspace (GSuite)

Google Workspace consulting services

Google Workspace (GSuite):

Google workspace reimagines how businesses work by powering teams to be faster, smarter, and more collaborative than ever before. Unlike legacy tools, G Suite is a cloud-native solution that delivers seamless, real-time collaboration, powerful search—since everything is stored in the cloud—and proactive security tools using the scale of signals that Google sees every day.

6+ million customers are using GSuite.
2 billion users are using GSuite.

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Google Cloud consulting company

We help businesses, organizations and individuals. Located in the USA with english speaking technical support agents.
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