Gender Equality & Sustainability

COMPWIZ LLC is a woman owned business and we support gender equality throughout our operations.  We treat everyone equally and with respect regardless of their gender or race.  We also ensure diversity on our team and have subcontractors helping us from around the world including Asia, India and South America.  We  follow US laws when it comes to employment and offering paid parental leave.

Gender Equality

People of all genders have equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities at COMPWIZ LLC. 

Gender Mainstreaming

These are our gender mainstreaming principles for all gender mainstreaming activities and implementation measures.

1. Gender-sensitive language.

2. Gender-specific data collection and analysis.

3. Equal access to and utilization of services.

4. Women and men are equally involved in decision making.

5. Equal treatment is integrated into steering processes.


COMPWIZ LLC makes every effort to  incorporate sustainability practices into our operations. We purchase recycled goods and provide services remotely whenever possible rather than driving to clients’ locations.  In the past our clients insisted that we do everything onsite and we spent hours on the road.  During the pandemic we transitioned our business to remote only and currently 99% of our business is being performed remotely.   We try our best to reduce energy consumption in day to day operations. We expect this same commitment from our customers and the companies we buy from or work with.

We communicate internally our sustainability practices and our commitment to our environment.  

We communicate externally to business partners, suppliers and service providers about how we do business.

We communicate to customers and let them know we share our customers’ commitment to our environment as well.

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